We acknowledge the fact that you can have very important information on your virtual or dedicated hosting server, and that's why we offer an optional backup upgrade you can add anytime. While shared website hosting servers are backed up frequently by all website hosting companies, this isn't the case for standalone hosting servers, so if you don't keep a copy of your files on your laptop or computer, you risk losing critical info in the event that something goes wrong - deleting something by mistake or updating a script-driven application unsuccessfully, for instance. With our additional service, we shall generate a backup of your data on a different web server as to make sure that we shall have a good copy all of the time and that we're able to restore everything exactly how it was before the predicament emerged. The optional upgrade will help you manage your content without worrying about possible breakdowns of any sort.
Weekly Backup in VPS
You'll be able to add the backup service to your new virtual private servers with only a number of mouse clicks and our system shall start generating a copy of all of your content each week, so when you want any file or database to be restored, we'll be able to do this for you in no time. If you would like to have backups right away, you ought to opt for this feature during the VPS signup process. In any other case, you could select the service anytime from your billing CP and we shall start creating backups immediately. As the upgrade is renewable, you will be able to decide if you'd like to use it during the whole time you use the virtual hosting server or just during specific months - after and before a significant upgrade of your Internet sites, for example. This way you will not need to be concerned that something might go wrong and you may lose your data. The backups are also a part of our Managed Services bundle, which you can add to your VPS and take full advantage of numerous admin services which we provide.
Weekly Backup in Dedicated Hosting
We offer weekly backups for every single dedicated server, so no matter what Operating System or hosting CP you choose or what content you upload, we can keep a copy of your information on an independent machine and restore it any time you require it. The upgrade supply you with 50 gigabytes of disk space you can use and you'll be able to get it whenever you want with a couple of mouse clicks. If you'd like to have backups right away, for example, you can order the service together with the dedicated hosting server, while if you need it later on, you'll be able to add it to your package from the billing area. Although all hardware elements are reviewed thoroughly, a software problem might show up at any time, so using our backup service shall give you far more security, especially if you have precious information on the web server. You'll be able to use this service as a part of our Managed Services package deal too along with a number of other server management services which will make the administration of your dedicated hosting server much easier.