An auto-responder is a predefined e-mail, which is sent automatically as an answer to every single email received in a mailbox with this option activated. Two of the most common instances for employing this function are automatic emails that one is briefly out of the office or that an order has been received successfully. An auto-responder can also be used as a standard confirmation that the e-mail is delivered successfully, which may be something quite important in enterprise e-mail correspondence. The message that is sent can be pretty much anything and could be modified depending on the circumstances and what the auto-responder will be used for. As the function is activated server-side, there isn’t anything you have to do manually and you don't need an e-mail program to be enabled all the time for an automatic reply to be delivered to the individual sending you an email.
Auto-responder Emails in Hosting
Configuring an auto-responder message will take you just a few mouse clicks if you are using a Linux hosting from our company. This can be done in the Emails part of our in-house developed Hepsia Control Panel where you can see all your email addresses available in alphabetical order. You can select an e-mail and click the auto-responder button or just right-click and choose the option in the context menu which will come up. All you need to do is to type in the text that you'll want to be sent as the automated reply and save the change. You'll be able to enter any text you want and modifying or removing the auto-responder feature can be just as easy. In the very same section of the Control Panel you'll be able to check which mail accounts have the option active and which don't.