Hypersonic website load speeds for your clients from Britain, the rest of Europe and Africa

We work with one of the most popular data centers in the United Kingdom to ensure the best possible web page load speeds for the visitors to your dynamic rich–media web pages. This is an awesome chance for you to ensure the greatest feasible browsing experience for your visitors from the UK, the rest of Europe or Africa.

The UK Servers data center is located a few kilometers away from Coventry and provides great safety conditions for your intense–traffic web sites and web applications. A group of proficient admins is working on–site 24/7 to guarantee a 99.9% uptime and to perform weekly off–site backups of your hosted content.

In the datacenter in United Kingdom you’ll find a number of VPS solutions that you can make use of. Our VPS plans do not involve any subscription charges and have SSDs. You’ll get an Operating System of your preference, an administrative panel and a Online Control Panel pre–installed on your VPS. The UK data center option is available on the order page.

Hosting United Kingdom Services

If you wouldn’t like to deal with server administration duties and wish to simply focus on your website, then our hosting United Kingdom packages are exactly what you are searching for. With each hosting United Kingdom package, you will enjoy a guaranteed ninety–nine point nine percent uptime and a premium–quality 24–7–365 help desk support service. Plus, all Hosting United Kingdom plans include unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly traffic quotas and a ton of totally free additional bonuses included in the web hosting Control Panel.